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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Review: Rock with you by Rachel Lacey

Rock with You (Risking It All) by [Lacey, Rachel]
Rock with you by Rachel Lacey
Release date: August 2, 2016
Publisher: Forever Yours
My rating: 4
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Carly Taylor is pretty sure she's dreaming. It's not possible that Sam Weiss - rock star god and sexy hotness personified - is actually in her bakery. This sort of thing never happens in the too-small town of Haven. Or to her. And being stranded in a secluded mountain cabin with the deliciously decadent Sam during an ice storm? This is definitely not Carly's real life . . . 

Now there's just the two of them, a roaring fire, lots of food and drink, and a sizzling attraction - one that just might make Carly do the unexpected. For one night, she'll live the fantasy. For one night, nothing else matters. . . not her struggling business, not her lonely life, not Sam's bad-boy reputation. But sometimes one night can turn one crazy, beautiful dream into something real.

My Thoughts:
I love a good book that has a sexy rock star. This book may have been short, but it perfect in every way. This is the first time I have read something by Rachel Lacey and I have to say, I really like her writing style. She's talented, that's for sure. 
Carly took over her Grandmothers bakery, that's where she first lays eyes on Sam.Sam is there to let a Hollywood scandal die down and to write another number one smash hit. The only problem is he's lost his muse. That is until he lays on Carly. 
Carly gets a call from Sam wondering if she could deliver some sweets the cabin he's staying in. There's also a winter storm heading their way with icy roads. Yup. Y'all know what's gonna happen next. They get stranded together. That, my friends, is where things get nice and sweet. As I said before, this is just a novella, but it felt  like I got the complete and whole story. This book could easily go toe-to-toe with a full length novel.
Have a happy Tuesday y'all!