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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sweet Revenge by Serene McCarthy

Sweet Revenge by Serene McCarthy
Release date: August 14, 2015
Publisher: Amazon digital service
My rating: 2.5
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Beautiful Kaitlyn Monroe never thought that her job as a personal shopper would land her a chance to bump into a bad boy billionaire - Roy Hearst. Entirely fascinated by her wit and intelligence, he offers her a dare-devil proposal - to play the role of a social escort by his side. He just needs a date that he can string along to the socialite functions he is invited to attend. Believing in the pure innocence of the arrangement, Kaitlyn agrees to the 'scandalous' proposal for the sake of securing a better life and earning the money she needs for her college studies. Everything seems to proceed smoothly until the day she finds herself in love with the charming yet forbidden billionaire. Love and commitment are words that never appear in the dictionary of Roy Hearst because he is one man who is able to get any woman he wants with a snap of his fingers. Will Kaitlyn stand to lose him forever with her confession of love or can she tempt the snobbish cad into falling in love with her?

My Thoughts:
First off, I think that this book has a lot of potential. It was almost hard for me to read because I couldn't really get the facts straight. The author spelled some things differently each time and changed locations constantly. Kaitlyn is a personal shopper and she is assigned to be the personal shopper for Roy Hearst, also the man that owns the stores. She somehow agrees to become his social companion and then falls in love with him.

 The plot of this story is actually really good. The characters themselves are a little shallow and could use some development, but other than they were alright. 
All in all, this was a short read and with some changes to this book, it could be a 4\5 star read.