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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review: The Family by Marissa Kennerson

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The Family by Marissa Kennerson
Release date: October 8, 2014
Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital
My rating: 4.5
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Just like any average seventeen-year-old, Twig loves her family. She has a caring mother and a controlling father. Her brothers and sisters are committed to her family’s prosperity…

All one hundred eighty-three of them.

Twig lives in the Family, a collective society located in the rainforest of Costa Rica. Family members coexist with values of complete openness and honesty, and they share a fear of contagious infection in the outside world.

Adam—their Father, prophet, and savior—announces that Twig will be his new bride, and she is overjoyed and honored. But when an injury forces her to leave the Family compound, Twig finds that the world outside is not as toxic as she was made to believe. And then she meets Leo, an American boy with a killer smile, and begins to question everything about her life within the Family and the cult to which she belongs.

But when it comes to Family, you don’t get a choice.

Praise for The Family:
“Fascinating and chilling, THE FAMILY takes you past the armed guards of a secluded compound where individualism is punished, technology is forbidden, and a charismatic leader plays God through terror and control. The novel’s relentless plot and vividly drawn characters will suck you in, but be warned: once you’re in the Family, it’s almost impossible to escape.” Anna Schumacher, author ofEnd Times

“Eerie and suspenseful, Kennerson gives us a fascinating look into the psychology of cults and the meaning of Family.” —Bianca Turetsky, author of The Time-Traveling Fashionista

My Thoughts:
First off, does anyone know if there will be a sequel? It ended so abruptly that I'm really hoping there's going to be one. 
This book was captivating. It was so good, I could't put it down. It also made me wonder how many "families" are really out there in this world. 
Twig was such a strong, beautiful character. All she wanted was to be a normal 17 yr old, even though she didn't quite know what normal was. She has lived with The Family since she was born, or so she was told.  It was creepy in a way that her "Father" wanted to marry her, let alone he already had a wife. I was so happy when she found Leo and she started to realize that not everything Adam had told them was the truth. There were a few plot twists that I didn't see coming though. This book is great and the author did a phenomenal job. Go read it.