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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blog tour: A sweet possibility by Natalie Charles

A Sweet Possibility by Natalie Charles Archer Cove 2 Publication Date: August 18, 2015 Genres: Contemporary, Humor, Romance
Tour: A Sweet Possibility by Natalie Charles
Life tastes better with chocolate...
All baker Jessica Mallory wants is a modest thigh gap. And her own chocolate shop. And to marry Quinn Rogerson, the man of her dreams. Too bad Quinn just dumped her, leaving her on her front steps in a hideous chartreuse dress. Now, Jessie clings to one hope: she can win Quinn back, if only she can become the woman he's looking for. Enter Nate Lancaster, Quinn's hot best friend and a personal trainer. If anyone can whip Jessie's soft form into jaw-dropping shape, it's him. Good thing Jessie and Nate are in that safe "just friends" category. Otherwise, things could get complicated – fast. For Nate, it was love at first sight. But Jessie's got her gaze fixed squarely on Quinn. Still, Nate can't pass up the chance to help Jessie with her self-improvement plan, even if she's got another man in mind. After all, minds can be changed, and Nate's never shied from a challenge…
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First off, how cute is the cover of this book? This was a sweet romance of friends realizing that they're perfect together. Jessie has been casually seeing Quinn for a little over 3 mons when he decides that she is lacking the proper social skills that he's looking for in a girlfriend. Only Nate, who is in love with Jessie, and is also Quinn's friend since grade school. knows that Quinn has been seeing Caryn, a lawyer at the firm Quinn works at. Jessie is determined to fix everything about herself so that she can be the perfect girlfriend to Quinn and fit in with his friends. Jessie decides that it is time for her to finally open up her own chocolate shop and take control of her life. Vowing to lose fifteen pounds to fit into a dress, Nate offers to help Jessie with a nutrition and workout plan. After a drunken hook-up between Jessie and Nate, Jessie finally starts to see what's in front of her, the perfect man. I loved how sweet and just real this book was. I really hope there's a third book in this series. 

About Natalie Charles

The happy sufferer of a lifelong addiction to mystery novels, Natalie has, sadly, yet to out-sleuth a detective. She has worked as an attorney, a playground supervisor, and a makeup sales clerk, but not in that order. She lives in Connecticut with a husband who makes her believe in Happily Ever After and two children who make her believe in miracles.