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Saturday, July 25, 2015

What's in my influenster box? Take a look...

(not pictured: skinnygirl tasty nutrition bar and sahale snack and go. I got hungry haha)

  1. Skinnygirl tasty nutrition bar in chocolate chip- I'm an athlete, so I eat a lot of protein\nutrition bars. While this one was good, it was just a bit chalky and hard to swallow for my taste. To learn more about skinnygirl click here
  2. UrgentRx Ache and pain relief Lemon Lime- I've never used any of these products before and from the reviews that I read, people loved them. It was last week after our trip to Waverly Hills that I got a really bad headache on the way. Remembering I had the relief to go in my bag, I poured it on my tongue and within 10 mins my headache was gone! Not even joking. I ordered a ton of this product on Amazon the next day. It tasted really good too! 
  3. Indeed labs nanoblur- This product is very comparable to Too Faced face primer. I used this product over my moisturizer while running errands last Sunday and I couldn't even tell the difference from my Too faced product. #Nanoblurred @Influenster @Indeedlabs
  4. Covergirl outlast stay luminous foundation:- I love a dewy face and this product kept me dewy in the southern heat all day long!
  5. Covergirl outlast lipstick- I received the color pink shock\choc rose, which is a strawberry red color and I found no problem with it. It lasted about 6 hours on me. Outside. 
  6. Neutrogena hand cream- I think that neutrogena is a brand everyone is familiar with. I wash my hands a lot, so my hands get dry very easily. This product is always in my bag. 
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