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Friday, July 24, 2015

Review: Beautiful Girl by Fleur Phillips

Release date: June 9, 2015
Publisher: Sparkpress
Rating: 4|Buy
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Synopsis:Seventeen-year-old Melanie Kennicut is beautiful. Her entire life revolves around this beauty because her overly controlling mother has been dragging her to casting calls and auditions since she was four years old. According to Joanne Kennicut, Melanie was born to follow in her footsteps. But Melanie never wanted this life. When a freak car accident leaves her with facial lacerations that will require plastic surgery, she can't help but wonder if this is the answer to her prayers. For the first time in her life, she has a chance to live like a normal teenager‹at least for a little while‹away from the photo shoots and movie sets that have dominated her entire existence. But after Melanie allows her best friend to come to the house to see her, Joanne decides to hide her daughter in Montana for the remainder of the summer. There, Melanie won't be seen by anyone they know, and her face will heal in time for the scheduled surgery in late August. Joanne’s plan backfires, however, when Melanie meets Sam, a Native American boy hired by the home's owner to tend to the property. Sam is nothing like the Hollywood boys Melanie knows‹he¹s poor, his father's a drunk who possesses a bizarre gift inherited from a Kootenai Shaman, and his only brother disappeared into the mountains after the death of their mother eight years before. What transpires over a mere 36 hours after Sam and Melanie meet changes both of their lives in ways they never thought possible. 

My Thoughts:   This is a really quick read, Only 150 pages I think. This book starts out fast-paced right from the beginning. Melanie and her "best friend" Clarissa, and I use the term best friend very loosely. More like fake friend, are having lunch together when they get into a slight argument and Melanie flees. PSA y'all, DONT DRIVE AND TEXT!!! Let what happens to Melanie be a lesson to y'all. Melanie walks away from the accident, but her face is ruined. Melanie's mother Joanne, insists that Melanie stays hidden from everyone and attempts to make her stay in the house. After Melanie allows Clarissa to see her, Joanne moves her to an isolated cabin in Montana. However, no plan ever goes perfectly. Melanie meets Sam, a Native American in charge of maintaining the yard. When Sam looks at Melanie, he doesn't see her scars, he see's her for who she is. After that things start to spiral out of control for Melanie. Her mother reveals a secret that no one seen coming. A secret that forever changes Melanie's life. This book was heartbreaking and just amazing. I can't say enough good things about it. 

Recommendation:  A million miles away by Lara Avery. You can find my review here.