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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mini Review: Fire & Ice by A.M Hartnett

Fire&Ice by A.M Hartnett
Release date: June 25, 2015
Publisher: Mischief
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Synopsis:   Play hard, love hard.
Don’t fall into the lap of the enormous Russian. Do outlaw all thoughts of crazy-hot sex on living room floor with hockey player you’ve only just met.
When junior hockey star Mick “The Dragon” Volkov first shows up on her doorstep, Julia gives her ornery student a month before he bails on his French lessons. Yet by the end of that first day, she finds herself smitten with the playful flirt beneath that intimidating exterior.
Trying to keep her attraction to this bruiser in check becomes a futile exercise for Julia. Once Mick makes it clear he wants her in his bed, Julia decides to give in to temptation and discovers that “The Dragon” is just as explosive in bed as he is on the ice.

My Thoughts: This book was short and sweet(sexy). Julia is Mick's French tutor and from the start there's sizzling chemistry. This book was filled with sexual innuendos, bad Russian humor that's funny, and tons of flirting. Julia tries her best to stay out of Mick's bed but, by Halloween that's exactly where she finds herself. This was a quick read and a very nice dose of sexy Russian and off the charts chemistry. 

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