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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Blog tour: Adventures Abroad by Jen McConnel

Adventures Abroad Series Synopsis:
Four countries.
Three girls.
Three loves.
One adventure abroad they'll never forget.

What Happens in London:
Sarah landed in London, just hoping to leave her home behind and escape her family. But she didn't plan on falling headfirst into Carson's arms.

Get ready for a summer of self-discovery and romance in the first of the New Adult novella series, Adventures Abroad! 

Praise for What Happens in London:

"Travel through London with Sarah, you'll squee, laugh and swoon at her adventures, I know I did!"- Lisa Burstein, author of Sneaking Candy
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Sarah got a job in London as an au pair to a woman with 2 kids, after cursing in front of the little girl, Sarah is let go of her job. Since returning home is not an option for Sarah she decides to stay in London and explore. She decides to stay in a hostel and while exploring she meets Carson, who she meets at a bookstore. The two quickly start to like each other, after celebrating her birthday in Amsterdam with Carson. she accuses him of something he didn't do. After returning back to London, Sarah decides to travel with Joelle. Starting a whole new adventure. 
What Happens in Paris:

Camie can't figure out what she wants, from college or life…until she meets Hunter. But will the magic of a romantic night in Paris last till the morning?

Fall in love with the second novella in the New Adult series, Adventures Abroad!

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After learning that she lost her scholarship. Cami is devastated. After talking with her friend Shauna and Shauna convincing her that she should just take out a student loan and a bit extra to travel aborad. Cami packs up and goes to Paris. Being an art major, she falls in love with the magic of Paris. Paris isnt all she falls in love with. Cami meets Hunter in the airport after she mistakenly thought his bag was hers. After that the "universe" keeps pushing the two together. After a night of drinking and debauchery, Cami starts to rethink the whole thing with Hunter. Deciding that shes ready to move on, she takes Joelle and Sarah up on their  offer to travel to Italy. 
What Happens in Berlin:

Interrupting a summer of fun, Joelle takes a detour to Berlin for her older brother's wedding. Spending time with her family is enough to make anyone go a little crazy. She's ready to lose it...until she meets Vi, a girl ready to turn her world upside down.

Follow her journey in the third installment of the New Adult series, Adventures Abroad!

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Going to Berlin for her brother Charlie's wedding, Jo cant wait to explore the city. One night during Petra's bachelorette  party, Jo meets a girl named Vi. Joelle's parents don't know that she is bi, shes afraid to tell them. At her brother and Petra's wedding, Jo tries to keep her relationship with Vi a secret. Not wanting to be a secret, Vi decides its best they go their own way. After saying goodbye to her parents and brother, Jo travels to Florence to meet Cami and Sarah. 
What Happens Abroad:
After a summer of fun, Camie, Joelle, and Sarah are ready to reunite in Italy for one last adventure, but heartbreak waits in the shadows of the cobblestone streets. Can Florence cast its spell and turn lost love into a final fling?

Catch up with the girls in this final installment of the New Adult series about love, escape, and true friendship.
Bloomsbury | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks
What happens abroad has Sarah, Cami, and Joelle all in Florence renting an apartment above a hostel. This book is told all in Cami's POV. Each girl confesses what happend during their times in different cities. After being in Florence Cami wants a second chance....with Hunter. The girls decide to visit Cinque Terre and on the way back Cami runs into Hunter. Deciding to give Hunter a second chance, Cami invites him to dinner at the apartment. At the end Cami decided to keep traveling with Hunter.
I really liked these books. They were a quick read and fun to read. I really would have liked to know what happens with Sarah and Carson though. 


Jen McConnel Bio:
A Michigander by birth, Jen McConnel now makes her home in the beautiful state of North Carolina. She writes NA, including the recently releasedAdventures Abroad series (Bloomsbury Spark), the award winning YA novel Beautiful Curse, and various other works. When she isn’t writing, she can be found on her yoga mat or wandering off on another adventure. Once upon a time, she was a middle school teacher, a librarian, and a bookseller, but those are stories for another time. Visit to learn more!

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